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Causes and Ways to Reduce Nursing Turnover

Causes and Ways to Reduce Nursing Turnover

The healthcare industry cannot afford to allow staff shortage as it entails service compromise, loss of clients’ trust, and worse, a high turnover of staff. An agency providing medical and non-medical staffing in California knows well about this and lists down why nurse turnover happens and how you can address this issue:

  • When RNs feel stressed, dissatisfied, and overworked.
    This mostly happens when jobs remain unfilled; thus, leading to nurses being overworked. Staffing in Hayward, California, recommends that you implement a staff well-being program to help nurses cope with their job’s daily stresses, especially on how to decompress.
  • When RNs feel a low sense of control over job performance and a lack of role clarity.
    With these, the nurses are derived with the opportunity to fully engage with all generations of staff in their team. The management should make sure that performance and expectations are communicated clearly.
  • When RNs have poor communication with the management around critical issues.
    Nurses should feel that they can openly talk about critical issues, which is why supervisors and the management must be available and visible to their teams, allowing them to share their inputs for these topics.
  • When RNs do not receive incentives like rewards or recognition for their accomplishments.
    Meaningful recognition is a proven way to keep nurses working hard and engaged in the company. This recognition should come in a blend of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.

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