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Common Pitfalls When Interviewing Candidates


When it comes to onboarding new candidates, it’s not always the interviewee that feels nervous. Interviewers get nervous, too. That’s completely fine— we understand the pressure of finding the right people for your staff.

However, as a professional provider of Medical and Non-Medical Staffing in California, we also want to share to helpful tips to have a successful interview process.

We, at Kyros In-Home Care and Registry, Inc., are giving you 6 helpful tips for an effective interview.

  • Don’t be afraid to extend or shorten the interview as needed. If you have gotten enough information from your candidate to make an educated decision, that would be enough.
  • Let your candidates do most of the talking. Your job is to evaluate their answers and reactions, so be careful not to take over.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask hard-hitting questions— this is how you’ll find the appropriate candidates.
  • Be very clear with your requirements, so the candidates know exactly what they’re signing up for.
  • Don’t allow yourself to be interrupted. When conducting an interview, make sure it’s in a closed and controlled room.
  • Don’t oversell your organization. Be perfectly clear about your company’s strengths and weaknesses to avoid painting unrealistic expectations.

The interview is a delicate process and requires precision and skill to be effective. Therefore, if you are looking for reliable Staffing in Hayward, California, you can trust us to meet your needs!

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