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Dramatic Healthcare Professional Shortage


There’s a need for the number of healthcare workers to increase dramatically in order to satisfy the demand in the coming years. Mercer, a consulting firm, conducted a study and projected that the US will face a substantial shortage of healthcare workers in the ensuing decade. The firm predicted that by 2025, there will be a shortage of over 400,000 home health aides and 29,400 nurse practitioners. Shortages for other healthcare professions will also occur. Among the contributing factors to this shortage is the aging population, which includes the Baby Boomer generation, which needs more medical care, usually from doctor specialists. The whole healthcare industry will experience this shortage which the medical and non-medical staffing in California are helping address, but some professions will experience a dramatic deficit in the workforce.

  • Doctor shortage
    The American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) predicts that there will be a dramatic deficit of doctors in 2032. But this lack of manpower will be even worse if we consider doctor specialties. The number of doctors opting to enter specialized fields when they finish medical school instead of primary or family medicine is increasing. Specialization is achieved by the doctors undertaking an internship and residency in a particular area. It’s known that these specialties are more popular and lucrative compared to general medicine. This is the reason why several medical school graduates think taking them is advantageous. Since the highest demand is for primary care doctors practicing general internal medicine due to the fact that they see the most number of patients, the shortage of qualified individuals in this area is a big problem.
  • Nurse shortage
    There will be a much faster increase in the demand for qualified nurses compared to other professionals in the succeeding decade as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is particularly true for nurses who graduated with a degree of bachelor of science in nursing (BSN). According to the data that the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) has, the country will require over 200,000 new nurses yearly up to 2026 in order to fill new positions or substitute nurses who are retiring. Various man power staffing agencies are helping address this shortage.
  • Healthcare educator shortage
    The shortage of nursing includes educators as well. Enrollment is even regulated in some schools due to the lack of nursing faculty. There are more individuals who want to study nursing, but the number of teachers cannot meet the demand. According to AACN, almost two-thirds of nursing programs were not able to accept applicants due to the lack of faculty to teach them.

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