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Quick and Easy Tips to Avoid Nursing Burnout

Quick and Easy Tips to Avoid Nursing Burnout

In a study conducted by Kronos, data showed that not only do nurses struggle to cope with the physical and mental fatigue that comes with a long shift at the clinic, they also display telltale signs of burnout as a typical part of their job.

To help address this issue, KYROS IN-HOME CARE & REGISTRY, INC. your partner and professional provider of medical and non-medical staffing in California has come up with this list of tips to help nurses avoid burnout.

  • Recognize and understand the problem. Knowing where you are both physically and mentally is a important step toward defeating burnout.
  • Know when to ask help. This is the most difficult part for anyone experiencing burnout. It’s important, however, to be honest about your condition to your team or supervisor.
  • Get more quality sleep. This is important, especially for night shift nurses. Working with only a few hours of shut eye under your belt can make you feel cranky and exhausted all day.
  • Eat the right food. Plenty of lean proteins and fresh vegetables can help rejuvenate the body, so make sure you get a lot of those.

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