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You Just Got Laid Off, Now What?

You Just Got Laid Off, Now What?

In a survey conducted by The Commonwealth Fund, it was found that an estimated 7.7 million workers lost their jobs because of pandemic-induced recessions. If you’re one of those 7.7 million, you might be feeling lost and overwhelmed by what has happened.

Whether you’re living alone or are providing for a family, unemployment can be stressful. And as a provider of man power staffing services, we understand what you’re going through and would like to remind you of the following things:

First, it’s important to give yourself time to process the whole situation. Let yourself feel what you need to feel before moving onto your next job.

Second, once you’ve had enough time to process your losses, it’s time to devise a new plan. Ask yourself what you want to do for your next job. What do you need to do to get it? Will you look for the same role? Or will you look for something else that will help you advance further in your career?

If it’s career advancement that you’re looking for, working with a licensed agency that provides services related to staffing in Hayward, California may help you in your search.

KYROS IN-HOME CARE & REGISTRY, INC. has connections with some of the leading companies in the U.S. and has been their partner for medical and non-medical staffing in California for years. So, if you ever need help with finding the best job that will fit your skills, you can rest assured that we can help you out.

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