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How Can Understaffing Damage a Business?

How Can Understaffing Damage a Business?

Here are some of the consequences of understaffing in your business. Understanding its effect can help you prevent damages before they happen.

  • Higher Turnover of Employees.

    Understaffing causes demoralized employees leaving the business resulting on higher employees’ turnover. A high turnover rate is an expensive setback for a business because of higher cost in hiring and training new employees to replace those who left the company.

  • Higher Operational Cost

    Production target and work deadlines is difficult to meet if you are understaff and the remedy to meet the production objectives is to have employees work overtime which is another costly emergency alternative than hiring additional employees full-time.

  • Low Work Quality Damaging Company’s Reputation

    Pressing people keeping up with the volume of work that is normally performed with sufficient staff will result in the delivery of poor quality of services or products which diminish the company’s reputation due to poor quality of service. Eventually, this will also drive dissatisfied customers away. Lost business damages your organization’s industry reputation.

    Understaffing not only affects employees, it also has a negative impact on customer care. This in turn, can affect your bottom line and reputation in the marketplace.

  • Employees’ Stress Increases

    Understaffing put more pressure and increase stress on employees. The extra workload can push them to work longer hours and increase their chances of burning out. Existing employees are responsible for an increased workload that may ultimately take a toll on their mental and physical health. Increased stress also lowers the morale of employees. This will plunge the organization to face with costly sick days and medical coverage of employees. It may also cause Manager or Supervisor’s stress of trying to deal with scheduling issues.

  • Missed Growth Opportunities

    Inadequate coverage for work shifts can lead to missed opportunities for company’s growth. Even if your management team decides to take on new clients, delivering goods or services becomes nearly impossible.

How We Can Help

The understaffing of nursing facilities is a problem in society that need to be drastically addressed as it has a gigantic impact in an organization.

Kyros In-Home Care and Registry, Inc. can help you fill up the vacuum in your staffing requirements. Kyros In-Home Care and Registry, Inc. is a licensed and certified provider of Medical and Non-Medical Staff in California. Being in the business for sometimes, we are ready to provide you with skilled, experienced, and very professional medical and non-medical staff that will surely answer your staffing deficiency.

Contact us today by visiting our website at www.kyrosregistry.com or you may contact us directly at the following numbers: 1-510-397-0359 or 1-510-697-3209 to further discuss how we can help you in understaffing issues and medical and non-medical service requirements.

You can also email us at: kyrosihc@yahoo.com or ely.kyros@yahoo.com.

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