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While our country continues to recover from the rampage of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are still struggling from understaffing.

What is Understaffing?
Understaffing basically means that the business is running with too few staff to operate effectively.

There are two forms of understaffing:

  1. Not having enough people to support your business.
    This first type is the most common and is what most businesses know of. It’s when you lack the manpower to cover all the work required to keep your business afloat and running smoothly.
  2. Not having enough staff during a given period.
    This second type can happen in the even that employees call in sick or some of your employees take a couple of days leave at the same time.

How We Can Help

The understaffing of nursing facilities is a problem in society that need to be drastically addressed as it has a gigantic impact in an organization.

Kyros In-Home Care and Registry, Inc. can help you fill up the vacuum in your staffing requirements. Kyros In-Home Care and Registry, Inc. is a licensed and certified provider of Medical and Non-Medical Staff in California. Being in the business for sometimes, we are ready to provide you with skilled, experienced, and very professional medical and non-medical staff that will surely answer your staffing deficiency.

Contact us today by visiting our website at www.kyrosregistry.com or you may contact us directly at the following numbers: 1-501-397-0359 or 1-510-697-3209 to further discuss how we can help you in understaffing issues and medical and non-medical service requirements.
You can also email us at: kyrosihc@yahoo.com or ely.kyros@yahoo.com.

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