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Ways to Improve Your Resume

Ways to Improve Your Resume

It’s time to give your resume a new look. Here are several ways that we at KYROS IN-HOME CARE & REGISTRY, INC. suggest you do it.

  • Research
    Before your go dissecting and removing things from your resume, do a little digging on the job position that you’re about to apply for. Know what skills, experience, credentials, and traits employers are seeking.
  • Customize Your Resume
    The next step is to customize your resume for the position that you plan to apply for. Matching your resume to the job will significantly increase your chances of getting a call.
  • Open with a Summary
    Use this space to grab the hiring manager’s attention. You can do this by adding relevant data, such as:

    • Formal degrees
    • Special or rare certifications
    • Years of experience (showcase only the most relevant)
    • Areas of specialty
    • Personal traits that make you perfect for the job
  • Proofread and Spell-Check
    Even if you were the most skilled candidate in the roster of applicants, a resume that’s chockful of errors can shut down your chances of getting hired in a snap.

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